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anti-EMR composites

We specialize in special-purpose composites. Our engineers deliver state-of-the-art anti-EMR solutions based on carbon fiber and kevlar composites.

We provide a design process, starting from conceptual and industrial design to mass production planning.

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Our composites consist from highest quality fibers such as carbon, kevlar or glass, combined with resins and special metal fibers, adding strength to the construction and creating Faraday’s Cage like housing around the object created from our composites. 

Depend on the application, we offer deep customization of the material to meet your product’s most strict material requirements.

Thanks to the nature of composite materials, Faradaynamics materials are great medium also for the most complex design, being at the same time beautiful in terms of esthetics even left raw and unfinished.

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Use Cases

Special-Purpose Electronics

Our composites can be found in many products such as:

Surveillance Electronics

Military Electronic Devices

Fragile Aviation Instruments

Industrial Sensors

Medical Equipment Shields

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High Fidelity Audio Devices

Thanks to the best possible EMR shielding, faradaynamics composites are perfect solution for reducing unwanted noises in devices like:




Stage and Studio Audio Systems


Architectural Elements

There is a wide variety of applications in architecture. From structural elements to decorative stuff, there is always a place for extra EMR shielding.

Wall Panels

Window Covers

Room Cages

Image by Kimon Maritz

Privacy Equipment

We offer shielded boxes in different sizes which can be used as a mobile phone, computer, and other personal electronic devices compartments for the prevention of tracking, wiring, and surveillance.

Personal Electronics Shielding

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